Relationship between evil music and bad attitudes

What is evil music? Can music tempt people for bad attitudes and crimes? It is said that some evil songs may cause people to attempt suicide. What is the relationship between music and evil?

We generally listen to the music according to how we want to feel or how we feel. When we are sad, we generally prefer some melancholic songs as if we need to strengthen our blue mood and when we are happy, we look for a music to entertain us. And when we are broken up with someone, we listen to all love songs as if we need more and more pain. This is something peculiar to human psychology.

Music in Evil Style
Music in Evil Style

The youth today, mostly prefers dark, hard, violent, heavy music. In every period, youth had different music genres to express itself. Youth means rebellion. They need to express and prove themselves to the world and they need to belong to a community. Heavy metal, death metal, rap or others are all more than just music, they are identity of youth. And they also need to spend their energy, so their music is energetic and heavy. In the past, there was rock'n roll and now metal music and others. Maybe our age makes the young people pessimistic and hopeless and they are less happy than those listening to Elvis Presley or Beatles and so that they created such kind of music today. Maybe that's the reason of why they dress in black, have dark make up and have a scary appearance and prefer styles like Marilyn Manson. This is the age of industry and technology, so it is so natural that they listen to industrial music instead of birds in a forest. What the youth listens is a reflection of the world we create for them.

We cannot accuse rock, heavy metal or death metal for crimes. It would be so easy to say these songs are sinful and they make the people attempt crimes. Songs may have some evil lyrics or evil tunes but the people listening those may either be good or evil, may attempt crime or not. It is up to the person. Many people, even in older ages like heavy metal but have harmonious lives in society, they just like to listen to heavy metal, that's all. Such music genres, darker and evil songs are maybe preferred by criminals or rebellious and weird people in society more because they feel this kind of music closer to their personalities and moods. If a teenage feels a great anger to his mother, for example, even hatred to kill her; he may listen to a song telling him to kill his mother and may kill him. But will the reason of the murder be the song? The song may encourage him, inspire him to kill, however the main reason will be much more serious than an evil song. He will listen to such evil music because he feels that way. And thousands of the others will listen to the same song without killing anyone because they like the tunes of that music and have smoother lives.

Evil Inside
Evil Inside

Once there was a song called ‘Gloomy Sunday' that was accused of many suicides and was forbidden in radios. Many people listened to this song before their attempts for suicide. Therefore, it is also known as 'suicide song'. The song was thought to be evil, wicked or cursed. But is this song caused them suicide? No, they decided to attempt suicide and this song was a nice goodbye song for them. It suits the mood very well so they have chosen this song. At that minute, they wouldn't prefer a hopeful song with lyrics such as ‘It's a perfect day'.

Shortly, a music genre or a song cannot be blamed as evil. There are no evil songs, evil music genres, and no evil human being. Music expresses every kind of human emotion, let it be joy or anger, love or hatred. And human beings have both in their nature. People have reasons to attempt crimes, violence or suicide and sometimes they find the encouragement for those in songs. But a classical music listener can be a serial killer or a death metal singer can be a philosopher. No blame on music please! Just try to give your children peaceful, hopeful lives instead of worrying about the songs they like listening to.

No, no evil music...Music is everything, music tunes, song lyrics have good and evil together, just like a human soul...

History of Halloween goes back to the very old ages. People wear several Halloween costumes, children knock on neighbors doors, pumpkins are carved on Halloween. But where are these coming from?

The origin of the word ‘Halloween' comes from Old English, meaning ‘All Hallows Eve'. History of Halloween begins 2000 years ago, Halloween was a Celtic feast, called Samhain. 1st of November was the beginning of the year in their tradition, and so they celebrated the 31st of October as a kind of New Year's Eve.

A Real Story
A Real Story

Celts believed that, on the new year's eve the ghosts of the dead returned to our world and helped the prophets to tell about future. They needed these prophecies on the oncoming dark, cold winter nights. On Samhain festival, they sacrified animals and crops to their gods. They built huge bonfires to burn their offerings for the gods. Therefore the gods would have protect them in the winter time.

During the festival, they worn special costumes and masks. Fortune telling was also a part of Samhain as the ghosts of dead were giving them this skill.

After years, this festival was combined with Roman festivals when the Romans conquered their lands. Romans had also a festival for the memory of the dead. And another festival for their goddess of fruit, Pomona. Bobbing for apples on the festival for Pomona had become another tradition of Celtic Halloween.

When the Christianity was spread on Celtic lands, Christian influences were also added to Halloween. When Pope Boniface IV designated the 1st of November as "All Saints Day", all mixed up to generate what we celebrate as ‘Halloween' today.

So, 31st of October is for the dead of Celts, goddess of Romans, and the saints of Christianity. We celebrate all of them together on Halloween. The long history of Halloween and all these Halloween traditions reflect different cultures and ages.


Although Halloween is known with the evil symbols such as carved pumpkins, called jack o lanterns, ghosts, scary monsters, skulls, skeletons, black cats, evil witches, etc., it had nothing to do with evil in its history.

Originally it was an innocent Pagan feast of Celts and they believed that their dead joined them on Samhain, which is the Halloween of our time. As it was the ‘day of deads' or ‘day of souls', skull, skeleton and ghost symbols are so normal to be used, but without an evil meaning.

The Symbol of Halloween
The Symbol of Halloween

Black cat and witch symbols became a part of Halloween in the Middle Ages. In that period, the black cats were feared by the folk and the black cats were believed to be evil animals. With such a belief, they killed many black cats. The dead bodies of these poor black cats caused the Black Plague in Europe. Millions of people died during the Black Plague.

The Church blamed the witches for the Black Plague. Evil black cats were associated with evil witches. The attack of the church to so-called evil witches was to discourage the folk from applying their pagan habits. In Middle Ages, many people were accused of using magic in evil ways.

As Samhain was also a Pagan feast, the Church declared that demons were coming along with the dead ancestors. The scary monsters and demons would kill the innocent folk on Halloween.

As a result, an innocent commemoration of dead ancestors of Pagan folk and their new year's eve festival became associated with evil symbols such as scary monsters, evil witches, black cats, etc. However, the Church could not stop the celebration of this Pagan originated festival and the continued until today with several more symbols such as vampires, zombies and some newly created scary monsters. In the present time, it is a fun to wear such evil costumes and decorating houses with Halloween evil symbols. These evil symbols bring some joy to our lives. Did you buy your ?

ideas are too many. But how to choose a costume? It is not easy.

It is the great opportunity to disguise yourself as the character you wish to be. You can be an evil character and enjoy the role of a scary witch on Halloween. This is an opportunity of once a year that you should not miss and buy a Halloween costume. In our boring lives, we all need such changes, colors, imaginary roles at least once a year!

Choose either one of the sexy Halloween costumes, a nurse or a sexy rabbit or an evil one, a scary witch, a dark lady or an innocent angel, or maybe you would like to be a goddess for this special day. You may prefer a funny one also. Feel free and think of what or who you would like to be. Use your imagination for your Halloween costumes.

Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume

Do not forget your little baby if you have one. A ladybug or a little angel costume can be very cute for babies. Or you can make a little pea out of your baby. You can choose crazy couples costumes also. A pregnant nun and a priest costume maybe a fun. As a little tip, this year's favorite characters are Batman, Harry Potter and Hannah Montana. Spongebob Squarepants costume can look funny. If you will enjoy the Halloween party as a group, you can decide on a party theme idea and all of you can select your Halloween costumes altogether.

There are a lot of choices for crazy Halloween costumes and you can find the best fitting to your personality and mood. Also do not forget the decoration for the Halloween party. Skulls, fake spider webs, carved pumpkins, fake crows will help you for creating the ambiance.

Make it a fun in your Halloween costumes and have a crazy Halloween!